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We've managed to leave the beach and carry on with the rest of the trip.

Sihanoukville was brilliant, we'd had no idea what to expect as we had heard there was a lot of development taking place, but it is still really beautiful and we were able to walk to empty beaches.

They had an inflatable 'total wipeout' course in the sea which was great to play around on for a day and Jay even made us some videos!!!

This is my video of my total wipeout

And this is Jay's, which was much braver than mine!

We're now in Battembang after a rubbish 12 hour bus journey via Phnom Penh to change buses, which isn't really on the way but there aren't many main roads here. The first bus had a huge crack in the windscreen, not on the drivers sign but didn't fill us with confidence. Then on the second bus we had a tyre blowout which was pretty scary, although everyone I've spoken to seems to have had the same thing happen in Cambodia, not sure if it's the roads or the lack of maintenance or a combination of both.

Battambang is nice and quiet, it's the second biggest city in Cambodia but it's still only half the size as Milton Keynes and everyone seems to wake up really early and go to bed early.

Yesterday we went on the bamboo train, it's basically a bamboo frame with a little engine that travels on a single-track rail line, so when you meet a train coming the other way, the less loaded one is disassembled and taken off the track so the other can pass.
The track is really old and warped and at times I thought we were going to fly off the track. Really good though and nice to see lots of Cambodian countryside and definitely one of the best things we've done on this trip so far.

There's a video of the train on you tube if anyone is interested, Click here. All the videos are on youtube so sorry if i's blocked at work...

Today we did a brilliant cookery class at a restaurant, learnt how to cook Fish Amok which is a bit like a Thai green curry, then beef Loc Lak and also a chicken & lime soup. Then we got to eat it all :) The class started with a trip to the market to get all the ingredients, the fish were still alive then so they were definitely fresh.

Then tomorrow it's off to Siem Reap on a 10 hour boat journey!

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